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UNIQ TABLE is a Digital Marketing and Project Design company, based in Tokyo. We function as a fusion of a land operator and a DMC business. UNIQ TABLE, founded in 2018, is devoted to contributing to a new way of sustainable and post-modern tourism in Japan. Our main strength points can be described in two words: network & coordination. Firstly, we possess an extensive network of high-end originators and providers in Japan, while working tirelessly to strengthen our connections overseas. It means that UNIQ TABLE can arrange exquisite reservations and itineraries, that are not available to the general public. By opening these doors, we provide a unique opportunity for luxury travelers. Secondly, thanks to our international management and staff we can coordinate seamlessly in a multitude of languages, providing the highest comfort to our clients.

The founder of UNIQ TABLE, Hideki Matsushita, was born in Hiroshima and devoted his career to contributing to local destinations, especially to the surroundings of Hiroshima and the Setouchi area. We are specialized in luxury trips and business trips such as incentive trips, customer or supplier visits and internal company events. Our main focus is on wellness tourism, as nature and sustainability are some of our essential values. The demand for relaxation and recovery makes local spa areas the perfect destinations for the future of luxury tourism. However, Japan has much more to offer with its unmatched history and culture and its unprecedented variety of excellent cuisine all packed into an exciting mix of traditional and modern. When it comes to arranging bookings, personalized itineraries, a professional guide or interpreter, local experiences and transportation, we got it all covered.

With our local expertise and multilingual team of professionals we are providing our customers with an exquisite experience and unforgettable memories.


Our customers always have our full attention and are our first priority! As our purpose is to build a loyal relationship with our clients, we approach each situation and request with passion to provide those little extras that make all the difference. 

Running the extra mile is not our service, it’s a part of our lifestyle and is reflected in everything we do, from creating tailor-made travel plans down to the smallest details, even providing dietary options like season-specific vegan food in every destination you desire.


Our support team boasting a multitude of languages most commonly English, German and Japanese is available 24/7 to help with absolutely anything.