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The traditional Japanese design interior of Kyoto State Guest House in Japan

Kyoto State Guest House

Heading to Kyoto? Looking for a more local experience or craving high-end design?
Then consider a visit to Kyoto State Guest House, a place where each detail is meticulously thought-out.

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Senmaida Rice field close to Wajima in Ishikawa prefecture, Japan

Wajima Lacquerware

Japan is an extraordinary country with a strong and vibrant rural community, countless seaside towns with a passionate and welcoming culture. A weekend well spent at Wajima has shown us an experience we will cherish for a lifetime.

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Why did we start the Japan Travel Guide Blog?

We decided, that luxury travel needs to be revolutionized. It is not anymore about materialism, but customization and experiences. Consequently, in our Japan Travel Guide Blog you can read more about the places we treasure the most. In addition, you can find recommendations of areas, cities, sites, as well as our favorite foods, snacks and experiences. 

UNIQ TABLE is committed to provide you continuously updated and handful information. Based on our own experiences, and network around Japan we can make the planning easier for you.  Therefore, if you would like to try anything you read below or include it into your travel plan, feel free to contact us, that we can organize a trip for you. Enjoy!

What is our mission?

Our Team based in Tokyo is devoted to give a glimpse into the remaining pearls of ancient Japan. UNIQ TABLE was founded to show you the hidden landscapes and also the modern, neon-lit metropolis. Our travel plans are to those on a quest for beauty, ultimate recreation, life-long-learning, and excitement.

Booking with UNIQ TRAVEL means getting a unique opportunity to explore local traditions and hidden gems, that are often missed by mainstream tourism. This intimate travel experience does not come at the expense of feeling uncertain nor does it sacrifice a comprehensive support network. Contact us today and let’s plan your dream vacation or those few empty days that you have after your Tokyo business meetings. We have a solution for you, personalized to your timeframe, budget and interests.